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Quilts: The Worst and the Best

There is a part in the last episode of Firefly, “Objects in Space,” in which Jubal Early tells Simon Tam, something along the lines of, “your sister is the smallest cargo I’ve ever had to transport, but by far the most troublesome.” This quilt was my River Tam:

I won’t tell you all my problems with this quilt. If you can’t see them yourself, you don’t need to know.

After three months of sewing every seam twice and still finishing several by hand, I finally completed this baby quilt for my cousin who had her baby in March.

Fortunately, I also just finished a quilt for yet another cousin getting married (did I mention my life is rapidly turning into four weddings and a funeral?) and I think this is my favorite of the bunch, just because of the colors.

Here’s the original pattern for the quilt:

From the 2018 Quilting block and pattern a day calendar with Debby Kratovil

Here’s my version:

I had originally planned to use more subtle colors in biding the squares… until I went to the fabric store…
I think the black binding was the perfect thing to finish it off.

Which one do you think is better?

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Pride Month and Playing with Color

There is a sport around here which involves riding a raft behind a speeding boat. Generally speaking, the goal of the person driving the boat is to throw the person on the raft into the water, and the goal of the person on the raft is to hang on for dear life. When you do fall off, you hurl into the water at such speeds that it feels like hitting concrete and for a moment, before your life jacket pulls you to the surface, you have no idea which way is up. Getting back from the road trip felt a little like that.

I had two poetry shows that I’m supposed to be getting off the ground, and people from every corner asking about these things. One show is just beginning, with people who were part of it threatening to drop out, and the other show needs a rebranding, including a new name, and did I mention it’s taking place at a venue where the owner just died?

Unfortunately, the cool colors did not show up well on camera.

Needless to say, the last few weeks have been very stressful. But the first show got off the ground (and is getting a new name!) and being in June, we celebrated Pride month, and I tried my hand at some rainbow eyeshadow.

And I had so much fun with that, I decided to do some Slytherin eyeshadow and support my house.

And then I made a new shirt.

Yes, it is an owl print shirt with owl buttons. Dan Dreiberg would be proud.

The artistic endeavors have been helping me get out of my panic. The next show is tomorrow, so here’s to hope.

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Light Up Cards

This month is the rough two year anniversary of my sewing habit. In that time, I have made half a dozen quilts, several shirts, a couple of skirts, and a dress. But all of this got started with a little Klutz book I picked up on a whim at our school’s book fair: Paper Fashions. Whenever I felt stressed out, I set to designing clothes. And then I got out my sewing machine to make them.

Ironically, I didn’t make this shirt, just added the appliques, but it’s a good example of paper to fabric.

But then there’s the question of what do with all the paper fashions? Sure, I can make magnets out of them, but at some point, I’m going to have a lot of magnets cluttering up my refrigerator.

Solution: make cards with them.

And with some help from Chibitronics, I even made them light up!

You can’t really tell in this picture, but one light is white and one is pink

I even tried my hand at a shaker card and attached one of my magnetic outfits to it.

I accidentally knocked the outfit while taking this picture.

Looking forward to giving these out!

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Slytherin and Related Items

So, I guess I’m a Potterhead… or whatever they’re calling them these days. I like Harry Potter. I was one of those kids who didn’t like reading until Harry Potter came out. Then I realized I liked fantasy books, and I’ve had my nose stuck in one ever since.

So I’m a fan of a lot of fantasy schools, not just Hogwarts. There’s also Bloor’s Academy, Cackle’s Academy, Brakebills, and Winding Circle Temple, to name a few. And all of these places have something in common–they tend to group people into houses.

I’m not just a Harry Potter fan, I’m one of those people who identifies with a given house. I’m a Slytherin, a fact that tends to surprise people. Most assume I’m a Ravenclaw, but I tell them I’m a Slytherin, and I’m a Slytherin for the worst reasons–I decided that was the house I wanted to be in. (If you’re not familiar with the series, it’s pretty clear that if you choose a house, the sorting hat likely sticks you in it.) So back in October, when I saw the house letterman jackets in Hot Topic, I decided I wanted that Slytherin jacket.

I didn’t really need another jacket…
But that I would wear. And I have. A lot.

But the jacket inspired a whole new magic school with a whole new set of houses.

See, we have all these different magic schools that tend to sort students into houses, often associated with given colors, and they often have uniforms. But I wanted to see a magic school where kids actually wore letterman jackets. Thus, I invented Faraday.

A few notes about Faraday. Faraday is an international school for wizards in a fantasy world where wizards… are actually really common. Roughly 50% of the population. Granted, Faraday only takes the best of the best, but it’s worth noting that magic, by itself, does not make any of the following characters special.

Faraday’s house system is also a little different from Hogwarts (and all the others, for that matter. But you’re most likely to be familiar with Hogwarts.) There are five houses–each with its signature color and mascot–and a sixth house reserved for freshmen. Your first year at Faraday, you just live with all the other freshmen until the students in one of the other houses tap you to join them. So I guess you could say, I drew from all of the fantasy schools I knew. And, naturally, I created some characters to attend this school. And then I did some mock-ups:

Tilli Todetse, Providence House, known for innovators and rule breakers
Key Truuit, Hawthorne House, known for nonconformists and misfits
Miriam Lumo, Liberty House, known for strategists and spies
Mat Truuit, Westwood House, known for athletes and healers
Ayan Tyeen, Magnolia House, known for diligence and obedience

For more information, on the characters, check out my World Anvil page. You can find Tilli here, Key here, Mat here, and Ayan here. Others to go up soon.