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World Anvil Summer Camp Entries 3-4

For my third summer camp article, I responded to a prompt to write about a mythological creature. I think there’s some creative stuff in this one because I got to thinking about the culture from which the myth originates influences the myth itself. Since the people from the culture can temporarily alter the gravitational pull on an object, the gravity of the tides became an important factor in both the myth and the taboos which extend from it.

And my fourth article was about an isolated settlement. I had a lot of fun with this one because I decided to make it the training ground for the Illusionists, who are one of my favorite of the thirteen magical factions in the world.

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World Anvil Summer Camp: Entry 1

World Anvil, a worldbuilding site for writers, artists, and dungeon masters, is hosting its second annual summer camp. This event is like the worldbuilding version of nanowrimo–you have the month of July to respond to thirty worldbuilding prompts, in whatever order you so desire. For some time, I’ve been interested in developing a world in which several different varieties of magic exist, mostly unbeknownst to each other, so I decided to tackle it for this challenge.

My first response was to a prompt about an animal that is used as a beast for transportation or as a beast of burden. You can check it out here.