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Road Trippin’ Part 1: Journey to Maryland

 Road Trippin’
Across the USA
On our way to Maryland
for Sam’s wedding day!

School is out, and summer vacation has begun. This year, I started vacation off right by taking a road trip with Fiance to St. Michael’s, Maryland for my cousin’s wedding. Being the amazing man he is, he drove the whole way. 

Our first trek of the journey took us through Missouri, where the road signs brought as great joy. Among them were a billboard with nothing but the phone number 777-7777, a billboard for a candy factory, literally every mile, and signs for Uranus. We did stop in Uranus, and yes, it turns out to be a tourist strip mall that exists to make butt jokes. A little disappointing, but we picked up the sexy men from Uranus charity calendar, so probably worth it. We also had banana ice cream, one of many ice cream stops on our journey.

Christmas with Daniel O’Donnell? Christmas? Really?
Do they know this is upside down?
We finally did figure out what the number was for…

My favorite signs, I unfortunately do not have pictures of. One was in the middle of nowhere and simply read, “Say no to drugs.” The other was for the “Nauti Inn,” which Fiance and I both took in very different directions.

Getting on the interstate, we thought for a second that we were about to hit a bus. But it turned out it was an RV. Someone is definitely on vacation.

We stopped for the first night in Lousiville, Kentucky, about nine hours away, and ate at the Sicilian because we made a vow to not eat at chain restuarants on this trip. The Sicilian was recommended by two different people, and it turned out to have gyro pizza. Have you ever had lamb on pizza? It’s delicious (unless, of course, you’re vegetarian, in which case… not so much.) Another thing I liked about Louisville? There are lots of messages written into the sidewalk. Like quotes and things, done very purposefully (sorry, no pictures.) Also, they have a Muhammed Ali Blvd.

With Fiance driving, it left me with lots of time to take pictures out of the window. Despite being a long drive, it was a beautiful one.

As we headed out of Missouri, the billboards got fewer and farther between, but I nevertheless saw signs for several interesting towns, including French Lick, Kentucky (Kentucky also has a town called Salt Lick. Go figure), Hurricane, West Virginia, and Midlorian, Maryland (No pictures of the last one, but we’re pretty sure the elves live there.)

Like any road trip, the closer we got to our destination, the further away it seemed. We finally made it over the bridge and across the Chesapeake Bay. But at 7:30pm on our second day, with another 45 minutes of driving left, we decided to find a place to eat. Some friendly locals recommended The Jetty, and we had our first fresh seafood meal of the journey! It was official. We were in Maryland at last.


I am a poet, linguist, and ESL teacher who loves to play games.

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