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30 in 30: Day 29

Hi there.
It’s me,
your author.
Remember all those times
you said you just wanted to be something–
to do something with your life.
You just wanted your life to have meaning?
Well congratulations!
You finally get your wish.
No, you’re not going to be a big hero.
You’re not going to get superpowers
or invent some fancy new technology,
but you are going to save the world.
How? Well, by dying of course.
It’s a lot like religion see–
every story needs a sacrifice.
Because stories are about learning lessons,
and it’s through losing things that we learn.
Think about Romeo and Juliet.
Those families never would have learned
to love each other if their children hadn’t died.
So it’s an honor, really.
I picked you,
out of everybody in the whole book,
to die.
So that way, the people reading could learn the lesson.
And everyone around you
will change for the better.
Don’t you see,
you are going to fix everything!
Aren’t you happy?
This is what you always wanted.


I am a poet, linguist, and ESL teacher who loves to play games.

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