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30 in 30: Day 27

Posting later than usual because I have been busy worldbuilding! I’m creating a SFF world of multiple interconnected planets for a classroom RPG which you will hear more about in the upcoming months. But with some help from Artefexian, I decided to give playing around with different plant colors a try. And with it, I chose to imagine a poem that someone on this planet might write.

The first thing you notice
when arriving on the planet of Isinnai
are the vast, sweeping valleys
of lavender.
Here, all the plants are purple.
And you wonder
what the first colonists thought
to see an entire planet
drowning in vegetation.
Perhaps it is what people think
when they look at us.
They see us wrapped
in nothing but discolored vines
pale green and blue flowers
bloom across our cheeks
And they do not understand

It is said the first colonists,
upon seeing these colors
worried the planet had been cursed
by the gods.
And built altars
and sent up prayers
that they might
restore blessings to the land.
They brought in their own
green plants
as a means of purification.
But like those purple leaves
we will pay no heed to their words.
We will merely bask in the sunlight
that causes them to crisp.


I am a poet, linguist, and ESL teacher who loves to play games.

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