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30 in 30 Day 24: The Three-Eyed Sphinx

Yesterday’s napowrimo prompt was to write a poem about an animal. And it just so happened that my Dixit card for the day met that criteria perfectly. So I decided to go with a bit of a nature-documentary style poem about this creature here:

The Three-Eyed Sphinx

And here, you will see the rare, three-eyed sphinx.
Like other sphinxes, the three-eyed sphinx
has the face of a human,
the wings of an eagle,
and the body of a lion.
But apart from having three eyes,
the three-eyed sphinx also has a blue face,
the antlers of a dear,
and a unique sense of fashion.
You can see that this one has chosen
to wear a bowler hat.
And like most three-eyed sphinxes,
it drapes its antlers with keys.
All sphinxes like to find their home guarding things,
and most are known for telling riddles.
But instead of waiting in front of one door with a question,
the three-eyed sphinx collects the keys to many doors
and wanders freely with them.
To get to the place it guards,
you must first find the three-eyed sphinx
and discover which key you need.
It will give you the key, if you prove you are worthy.
But the three-eyed sphinx also carries the key
to its own chest.
And if someone were to determine
which key that was, they could open its chest and kill it.


I am a poet, linguist, and ESL teacher who loves to play games.

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