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30 in 30: Day 23

On day nineteen, napowrimo’s prompt was to write an abecedarian poem. What I ended up with also felt appropriate for the day after Earth Day:

A goldfish swims through the city
Boys wake from their slumber to see
City buildings, slime covered, as the fish looks for a method to breathe
Dogs bark at the monster, but soon
Every one of them
Flees under beds, under tables, afraid of the
Goldfish’s wide open maw, opening and closing
He cannot blow bubbles here
Icicles drip into its gills
Jolting the fish with new energy
Keeping it alive in this place
Laced with pollutants
Magically, it keeps swimming,
Not stopping for buildings or smoke or cars
Out late, barely noticing the lights
Pointing toward it as helicopters come to investigate
Quickening, it swims onward
Rousing family after family
Sensing a strange fin brush their windows
Terrified this sea creature is an omen
Underlying what they have always known
Victory in the end will belong to the Earth
We are only guests here
Xenodiagnostic studies have found the infection while we are still
Young, and rather than be overtaken by our
Zealousness, she will recover.


I am a poet, linguist, and ESL teacher who loves to play games.

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