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30 in 30: Day 22

What do you know? Today’s napowrimo prompt is to write an ekphrastic poem–my specialty! On Day 17, the prompt was to write a scene from an unusual point of view. So I combined these two with yesterday’s Dixit card.

The ribbon tastes like a truffle in my mouth.
It is smooth and silky, and slices away so easily.
But it is special. It is dessert.
There is no sustenance in cutting satin ribbons
in front of buildings. There is only pleasure in it,
in feeling the silky smoothness
of the satin slice between my teeth.
But why can’t I find a meal in other satin?
Why should I not cut the pieces of a satin shirt?
The shirt bears more nutrients.
It will hold up longer, be worn again and again,
not merely discarded at the end of the ceremony.
But then what of the cotton shirt
or the cotton pillowcase? Cotton is ever so fibrous.
Healthy, perhaps, but it tastes like bread.
Though it’s soft, it doesn’t bear the silky texture
of the truffle satin. And denim, though delightful,
is rather hard to chew. But at least it’s not paper.
Paper, that sticks to my teeth
until I can bite nothing else. Paper,
that is even less nutritious than satin.


I am a poet, linguist, and ESL teacher who loves to play games.

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