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30 in 30 Day 18: The Tree of Imagination

I didn’t really notice this card at first, but upon a closer inspection, I discovered I really like it. Like, this is probably one of my favorite cards. There is just so much going on in this picture. And I barely touch on it in the poem:

The Tree of Imagination

The view looks good from down here.
The gears are spinning,
the pages are turning.
Yup, we can see everything.
There’s Sunny on her bicycle.
We’re rooting of her to win
the next big bicycle race.
The trophy is down that way.
I think it might be bigger than me.
We’d need the both of us to pick it up.
Look, there’s the Wests and the Porters.
They’ve lived next to each other
for centuries.
They have nothing in common,
But they always put with each other.
Oh! And there’s Peter West, Sunny’s brother
And her America Porter.
They’ve been hanging out in secret.
They think nobody sees them kiss,
but we do.
And that means we see America’s brother,
Aaron. And we know he’s happy
About her and Peter,
just wishes they’d stop keeping it a secret.
Good old Uncle Peter.
He finds the joy in everything.
And look! There’s us.
Under our tree.


I am a poet, linguist, and ESL teacher who loves to play games.

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