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30 in 30 Day 6: The Ferryman

Many of of the cards in the Dixit Revelations deck make me think of mythology, like this one of a ferryman with an egg. This poem is also inspired by Robert Lee Brewer’s Day 1 prompt. (And for your information, this is both a morning poem and a mourning poem.)

The Ferryman:

By the light of the rising sun,
Charon rows the babe across the river.
If possible, the ferryman seems more solemn
than usual, as if considering a new profession,
though his CV looks rather plain. 
He is a cog in the machine,
supposedly part of some greater cosmic plan
but sometimes even gods wonder
if things really happen for a reason.
There is some unfairness in this,
this child too young to weep.
This child whose cries will never
be heard by its mother
who likely now weeps for it.
Charon does not know what became of her.
All he knows is that she did not pay a fare.
This child he will carry without payment
for this is the only passenger that is colder than an obol.
Though this is not the first time
nor will it be the last.
These passengers hollow the ferryman
from the inside out.
Some say they have seen it in his eyes,
but none have asked why.
It is simple.
Even babies get a lifetime, but this poor child never did.
And now, the babe stirs, waking, for its first and only sunrise.


I am a poet, linguist, and ESL teacher who loves to play games.

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