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30 in 30 Day 4: The Gods are Like Us

This is one of my favorite Dixit Revelations cards. I mean, it’s Shiva. Watching a video of Ganesha on a smart phone. What’s not to like?

This poem also works for Robert Lee Brewer’s Day 3 prompt: write an animal poem (not because of Ganesha, but because of Vishnu’s zoo). I used it as an excuse to explore some basic Hindu mythology, and I made sure to include the story about Krishna and the universe down his throat because that’s been one of my favorite stories since I first saw The Secret Garden.

The Gods are Like Us:

And it turns out
the gods are more like us than we thought.

Ganesha has a one-man band
He plays three instruments at once
and sings through his trunk.
He plays all major events–
weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs–
but he’s especially fond of open mics
that are just starting up.

Shiva is the best video editor in space-time.
When he’s not filming Ganesha
he runs a fact-checking website
quietly guiding his followers to enlightenment.

Vishnu advertises on Shiva’s site.
He owns a zoo, but doesn’t bother with a gift shop.
Everything is free.
Even the food you can give the animals,
many of which roam outside of habitats.
When interviewed by the local paper,
Vishnu insisted, “it the experience that matters.”

Hanuman runs security for Vishnu
(in case someone tries to steal a snake)
He owns the dojo down the street
where he teaches martial arts
as a form of moving meditation.
He also offers his services
to women walking home late at night.

Krishna teaches yoga at the dojo.
He always has a smile on his face.
Most days he goes to get coffee with his students after class.
And once, when he opened his mouth to eat a piece of cake,
someone said they saw the universe down his throat.


I am a poet, linguist, and ESL teacher who loves to play games.

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