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Personalized Handshakes

Making Mondays Manageable

In case you haven’t seen this…

Okay, maybe you think that having a personalized handshake with every student is just too much for you. Maybe you teach band and you have 100 students in a single class. Maybe you teach high school, and and you wouldn’t be able to remember every handshake for every student in every period anyway. All is not lost…

The last two weeks, I asked my students in each period to spend the first minute of that class shaking hands with each other. I encouraged them to create special handshakes with each other. And this started to spread to me. This gets students moving around and interacting with each other, and helps ensure that I have a personal moment with each student at the start of class. As an added bonus, I believe there is research out there that shows shaking hands helps you trust people (but I have no citation for that, so take it with a grain of salt.)

On a side note, I believe I learned somewhere that shaking hands with others helps you build trust in those people, but I don’t remember where I heard this. If you have any information about this possible science, please leave a link the comments.


I am a poet, linguist, and ESL teacher who loves to play games.

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